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For Art you might expect to visit a Gallery…

and for Artisan you would expect to see something artisanal.

So above this text is a composite gallery depicting Reginerate’s journey to date. ok? and as for something artisanal, i.e. something hand crafted you need to see the product, and well, also feel the product. The product is, of course our hand crafted GIN, a Gin from Krefeld, a Gin which is blended with 13 botanicals and is simply bursting with flavour…. but that’s not all….. Reginerate is bottled in a stone bottle to keep all that freshness in.

The bottle is an Object D’Art in its own right…

…yes, fit to be in a Gallery…. or even in your drinks cabinet….

For all the info why not speak to Martin Kern the creator directly, on:

Mobile: 0152 24345371




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