Café Culture

ben2Café Culture in #Krefeld has been on the scene as in many #EuropeanCities which, despite the lack of Mediterranean Summer Sun, embraces the culture, especially when the weather is favourable.

Das café, in Hubertusstr, though having been a draw for Bohemian types for many years, remains the place to meet with fellow hipsters, artists and filmmakers.

This is no downtown Hollywood speakeasy, merely a place to hook up with an eclectic crowd of life-embracing Krefelders.

The staff there are very friendly and most carry out their shifts in oder to supplement their other activities, mainly in the creative fields such as Art, Poetry, Music.

For most German folk, enjoying good conversation, wholesome food and a good drink is de-rigeuer.

Krefeld is currently on a Made-in-Krefeld drive, re-instigating a genuine pride in the City once again, as the dependency of being the Silk City of years gone by and reliance on heavy industry, by giving way to a burgeoning new level of productivity and enthusiasm for newer activities.

A group of brilliant local musicians have launched an album on CD and vinyl “Made in Krefeld”

…which ( along with merchandise ) is selling like hot-cakes in around the town and currently at the local Weihnachtsmarkt with many concerts and festivals in the offing.

New services products and businesses are being launched here all the time. Local entrepreneur Martin Kern is a case in point.

Martin’s Company Reginerate boasts a range of hand crafted artisan gins which too have gleaned kudos from the Made in Krefeld directive.

The photo shows local guy Ben clutching a flagon of Reginerate Sloe Gin with its striking red livery.

Ben assured me that colour co-ordinating his look with Brand colour-ways is purely a co-incidence.

I’m none too sure.