Folklorefest a great success

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Guest Article:

Published in August:

It’s pretty fair to say that German Folk do like their festivals, from the “up to your knees in mud listening to Megadeath-Brain-Sucking-Über-Thrash-Metal type of 3-dayer to the more family oriented Folklorefest which is currently going on in Krefeld right now.

Note: The Fest has finished for this year.

Yes, from Schützenfest to Gartenfest…. right up to…ah ha…Munich Oktoberfest… all steeped in forgotten History, and most involving Folk-Music, Food and …err….Beer.

What I have noticed in my stay here in Krefeld is that whatever the event they seem to be good natured, where meeting friends and enjoying GOOD food and drink are the order of the day…..throw in some good weather and some great Music you can enjoy a great Day ( and Night ) out.

Martin Kern from Regineration asked me to take some photos of the artisan gin stand, which was shared with…

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