Our Values


The ingredients in our products are chosen with both love and care.

Our Company’s ethos dictates a self-imposed quality control system when selecting and handling raw materials and defining our resources, with a view to creating the best possible product for our end users.

We are fully aware that alcohol in any form can be detrimental to health, especially if imbibed to excess.

Our Mantra therefore is:

“Trinkt weniger – aber besser”

“Drink less – but better” 

We at Reginerate stress that whilst our product is a delicately flavoured drink, it should none-the-less be treated with caution and best be consumed in company.

We urge our customers to be aware that our product is strong in alcohol and caution should be taken when enjoying our product.

“Drink Sensibly” and in moderation.

The directors of Reginerate aim to position our lfestyle product range alongside the finer and happier side of life. Fun, enjoyment, friendships, family gatherings and of course peace.

By saying that we as a group are totally against Racism, intolerance and hatred.