Art is an art.

The line between art and craft is often blurred, or even non-existent. Surely all artists require a craft in order to execute their art?…. and it would be fairly safe to say all craft is artistic.

The pedantic might argue that crafted products are for consumption, utilisation…. but art itself can also be defined by those parameters…. outside of the adage Art for Art’s Sake, whereby art need neither be consumed ( other than visually ) nor utilised.

This philosophical preamble is a shameless ruse to persuade the reader ( that’s you ) that an artisanal product ( for consumption ) can also be art.

A prime example might be Reginerate Artisan Gin…. made by hand, and presented in a bottle which is in itself an Object D’Art…

This is an easy argument to put forward in that the creation of art ( which by definition ) is created by humankind.

To those of you who have raised their hands and said…”what about those chimps that paint, or a computer which can draw,” please sit down and pour yourself a drink….or get your monkey to pour it if he can break away from his canvas….

The debate “what is art?” always has been more difficult argue, in that art is relative. If I call a rubbish bin art…then art it is. Craft however, by definition is created by humans…. manual ( or some sort of dexterity ) is required….. that is to say, if your crafted piece is created by machine, then it is not artisan.

This is Art:

Sloe Gin from Krefeld