Focus on Artisan Gin

Krefeld Lifestyle

1We are hoping to Post an article-feature on up and coming businesses, bands and events in and around the #Krefeld region, every month.

This month’s FOCUS-ON is about Reginerate, the Artisan Gin from Krefeld. Martin Kern, the owner /manager started the business less than a year ago, and production has gone from strength to strength.

“I wanted to get involved with something I was ( and still am ) passionate about…” Said Martin, with conviction. “Sure”… he continued, “ The concept of hand-made gins, other drinks, foods and artefacts is not new, but being somewhat of a perfectionist, I wanted to devise and create something very special, and bring it to market.”

Martin tells me he spent a great deal of time in perfecting his initial concoction ( now named Reginerate Original. )

“The Original gin, is balanced with some 13 botanicals and is ( IMHO ) a totally different…

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