To Cap it All

We at Reginerate have long since regarded our Brand as more than simply product, in fact it’s product and packaging. To cap it all would go even further, it’s everything, our highly tuned recipes, the attention to detail, the hand-made quality of our range, you might say Reginerate is the Brand and the Brand is Reginerate.

As with any high-end product we are constantly monitoring our production, developing and launching new products.

Reginerate owner/manager Martin Kern explains. “This has been an astounding first year for our Artisan Gin from Krefeld, with sales of our Original Gins far outstripping our expectations.”

“The integrity of our original Recipe has remained in tact, in fact outside of minor adjustments to our bottle graphics all is as was, other than the recent addition of a new bottle cap,” he explained.

“Just for the more sleek look, and a little extra “tamper-proof” security we have added a shrink wrapped bottle cap with a tear-round release strip, which will certainly eliminate the spectre of any leakage during transportation as we now dispatch to many Countries, and of course, our end-user destinations will expand in the early part of next year, when our new Online Shop, goes live”


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