New products for 2017


The testing for alcohol content and final tweaks for flavour have just been carried out by Reginerate the Artisan Gin Maker from Krefeld.

Reginerate owner-manager Martin Kern works closely with Moosbur Distillers to perfect this initial batch of a brand new products which will be brought to market 2017.

“Our new Gin is innovative and the first of its kind to be available on the market” says Martin.

“We are all very excited about this project, which raises the bar when it comes to small batch artisan beverages.” He continued. “ We are aiming to time the launch of our new Gin in the early part of 2017, which will add to our highly successful “Original” Reginerate, with many more products and specialities coming online in the coming months.

All of our products will continue to be available in our existing outlets, but such has the demand been for our Gin this year an online “shop” is currently being created, Germany.” he concluded.