Feel the Clarity


Like many spirits, our Gin is clear, uncoloured, transparent… so sheer as to permit light to pass through, diaphanous. So what you see, will be reflections, refractions…. effectively you cannot see the content, as such.

So when the creative team were discussing the packaging, i.e. bottle, in a different time and space… we found ourselves entrenched in a philosophical debate.

IF, the product you bottle can’t be seen, why would you use a clear bottle? which by definition also can’t be seen.

Ergo, the bottle we envisged was to be BLACK… Deep-Space black, black as night.. black and opaque enough to reassure you that the invisible content is truly is inside.

“ But how will you know that it’s there?”

…you could uncork this embodiment of Dark Matter… and smell the heavenly aromas that Reginerate emits.

You can, of course, taste the unique, fruity flavours which will assure you..

Or, you can just close you eyes, hold the bottle and feel it.

Feel the clarity.