Great Notes

Krefeld Muso and avid Gin Taster Ginny Schmecksläkker, has found an intriguing way to utilise his empty bottles of the ever popular Reginerate Artisan Gin.

“Blowing over the opening of a bottle, espcailly a stone-ware one results in a tone  ( as made popular by British one-hit-wonders Mungo Jerry with their hit, In the Summertime” explained Ginny.

Clearly “He continued” the more you remove the contents the deeper the notes you can achieve.

He went on to say “I have written and recorded an orchestral piece which in order to make the lowest notes has forced me to drink much of the contmps, anf ting haf mayc it wery difik to tiping, thi tome psst awailible on itomes. hic. “


The above article is for amusement only, and is in no way intended to suggest drinking excess alcohol.



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