Hmmm, what’s coming?

Do you see Red?….. then scroll down through the pictures and see what all the cloak and dagger stuff was all about.


Reginerate Sloe Gin

Juniper Berries have been used in distillation since the 12th Century. We present the FIRST Sloe Gin to the world.

The term “Sloe Gin” is used broadly for gin-based liquors. Our intention was not do create a liqueur, but to meet the requirements of gin, namely: 37.5% Minimum PLUS Juniper.

The hi gloss effect of this stone-ware bottle contains, THE RED labelled Sloe Gin.

It is only available from Reginerate directly: Contact:

To speak to Martin Kern from Reginerate directly phone:

Mobile: 0152 24345371

or visit: their web pages

or conversely check out Reginerate’s FB Page:

Please ensure that you are over 21, and that alcohol is allowed in your

Jurisdiction, does not conflict with your moral or religious beliefs.

Photo credits: Ron Birks

and Raphael Schmitz