Martin Kern


Distillation’s history can be traced back to Arabic Alchemy, and has continued its chequered journey, to the present day.

The end product? Aqua vitae, water of life, oft disguised as medication, occasionally used as an embrocation, and probably, initially as a mistake, slugged down the gullet in a oner.

… but then some latter-day Alchemist had the bright idea of adding juniper berries.

Gin is born.

The rest of the story we know in patches, from the crazy oriGINal “selfies” as depicted by William Hogarth illustrating the outdoor festivals held daily in 17th Century Gin Lane…through the American Prohibition, Raffles, The British Navy, All the Gin Joints in all the towns… yada yada, to the Boutique Gins of today.

Our Master Medicine and Menu Maker is Krefeld born Martin Kern. A young, smart, and oh so pedantic entrepreneur, Mr Kern has taste, impeccable taste. Not just in his apparel, but in everything he senses.

The man with a precocious palette has launched his first of a range of hand crafted Gins….. Reginerate.

Tasting is the issue, no, in fact it’s much more than that, his batches of hand-crafted delights ( brewed at Distiller’s Moosboor ) dance on your tongue and activate every taste bud, in a lingering almost explosive fashion…… “wow”, lecker, unheimlich… Oh My god…. just a few of the expletives uttered when his army of tasters first imbibe….

The photo depicts Martin and crew dispensing Reginerate at a recent Fair in Frankfurt…




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